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Town Architecture

Camana Bay is a mixed-use community, which draws on the principles of New Urbanism. Oriented towards pedestrians, the Town is connected with paths and walkways for foot and bike traffic. Plentiful space is devoted for parks, courtyards, and civic areas, where residents and visitors can gather.

Pedestrian-friendly plan

The town architecture of Camana Bay is a Caribbean interpretation of New Urbanism, a philosophy inspired by ancient city plans. Essential to the structure is the emphasis on walking and cycling as a preferred means of travel within the Town Centre.

Maximising breezes and shade

Historic precedents inspired responses to environmental conditions. An understanding of the prevailing breezes was important in setting the orientation of buildings, shaping their footprints, and positioning each relative to its neighbouring structures. To mitigate the heat and glare of the sun, traditional methods were modernised, such as covered balconies, light-filtering sunshades, louvres and deep overhangs.

Iconic streets and bridges

Attractive, efficient, and safe, streets are designed for foot and bike traffic. Each is lined with trees and palms to provide dappled shade and a distinct identity. Bridges are considered as part of the street design and iconographic features in a town’s streetscape. The bridges connecting the Town Centre to the residential neighbourhoods will be designed to be an integral part of the urban experience.

Distinctive wayfinding

Signage was inspired by the materials and colours of Camana Bay architecture and contributes significantly to its identity. Materials such as corten steel, ipe wood, and aggregate concrete were chosen for their durability in the Caribbean climate.

Connecting canals

Three deepwater canals connect the Town Centre with the open water of the North Sound. Visitors will enjoy navigating the meandering curves before mooring at boat slips in the Town’s Harbour. Future residents with homes in the marina village or on waterfront lots in other neighbourhoods will be able to keep their boats at their own private docks.

Disguised parking

By car, access to Camana Bay and parking in the Town Centre is convenient, easily navigated, and safe. Two multi-storey car parks are located above the shops in the retail district, uniquely disguised by architectural fenestration and vertical vines. Plentiful parking is also available in surface lots and on the streets. For residents of The Terraces, a subterranean parking area is available underneath The Crescent.


The majestic fountain at The Crescent can be switched off to provide a stage for entertainment.