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Gathering Places

Spending time and sharing experiences with friends, family, and new acquaintances is part of daily life at Camana Bay. Parks, courtyards, and gardens flourish across the Town, providing convenient places to socialize, relax, or simply enjoy the sunshine. No two places offer the same experience, as each has been designed to work in context with its environment.

Most notably, these community spaces are breezy and cool, a rare feat for a locale so close to the equator. The effect is achieved by a sophisticated network of shaded awnings, canopies, and mature leafy trees, along with engineering to capture the northeasterly trade winds.

The Paseo

The main pedestrian street in the Town Centre is The Paseo, an ambling boulevard shaded by a sophisticated network of awnings. Pronounced pah-sey-oh, the word is derived from Spanish for “take a stroll,” which is exactly its purpose. Why hurry when there’s so much to see and do? Lined with shops, cafes, and more, The Paseo connects all of the Town Centre’s important destinations, including The Observation Tower, the Cinema, and Market Street.

The Crescent

The Paseo culminates at The Crescent, an open space akin to a European town square on the North Sound. A variety of restaurants entice diners with shaded outdoor seating and scenic views of The Harbour. For a closer look at the dock or just a casual stroll, a boardwalk encircles the length of the waterfront. A spectacular fountain with sprays reaching 30 feet high greets diners arriving by boat and nearby, grassy lawns provide a scenic setting for special events.

The Harbour

Camana Bay welcomes Cayman’s boating community to The Harbour, accessible by water from the North Sound. Dock your vessel in one of 30 boat slips available for day use, and come ashore to enjoy all the Town Centre has to offer. Enjoy lunch, brunch, or dinner cooled by a lovely sea breeze steps away from the landing. Air-conditioned dining is also nearby, as are shops, sights, parks, and a cinema. This is the first of three waterways planned to connect Camana Bay to the North Sound.

* The depth of The Harbour is approximately 10 to 15 feet throughout. Clearance beyond The Harbour entrance on the North Sound side is less in places. To view arrival by canal click here.

The Island

Visitors arriving by sea from the North Sound can dock at The Island, a man-made beach in Camana Bay’s Harbour, which connects to the Town Centre by a pedestrian bridge. With palm trees casting dappled light on the sand, it’s also a perfect place to relax, picnic and take in the spectacular views of the Town Centre. For maximum effect, each palm tree was hand picked to lean at a different angle. At night, suspended lighting baskets set The Island aglow.


The Fountains

The energy of moving water offers a lively and cooling backdrop for leisurely moments inthe Town Centre. Outside the cinema, in Jasmine Court, an interactive fountain teases kids and adults alike with amusing sprays. Not far away, the dancing waters of the fountain on The Crescent mesmerise spectators with skyward bursts that reach 30 feet high.  

The Courtyards

Visitors will also find ideal places for strolling or relaxing in Camana Bay’s four courtyards. Each conveys a distinct character and purpose.

Jasmine Court delights all with a playful interactive fountain and custom-designed bubble benches.

Gardenia Court radiates a calm, contemplative atmosphere with lush landscaping and an eclipse-shaped fountain, an ideal place for personal reflection.

In Cassia Court, large seashells brighten a wall of cascading water, inviting all to stop for a moment and watch the world go by.

Canella Court hosts a rolling topography with gentle slopes and tranquil fountains. At midday, it offers a welcome retreat with an array of shady spots.


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