ZÜN: A New Car Sharing Service at Camana Bay

ZÜN: A New Car Sharing Service at Camana Bay

Living or working at Camana Bay has numerous benefits, including its buzzy town, fantastic amenities and vibrant community atmosphere. Now those who live or work at Camana Bay can enjoy a hassle-free, economically friendly mobility option, courtesy of a new innovative car sharing initiative called ZÜN.

Founded on the principles of innovation and sustainability, ZÜN is a new membership-based car rental service developed by Arch Automotive, Cayman’s premier Audi dealership, which has its state-of-the-art customer sales centre based in the heart of Camana Bay’s Town Centre.

With this innovative and forward-thinking venture, ZÜN members can borrow a car by the minute, hour, day or week. This approach makes it a convenient service for those just looking to use a car for a short errand, or for an extended period. The service also takes away the day-to-day hassles that car ownership can often bring, from maintenance to insurance and everything in between.

“Feedback has been excellent,” Craig Arch, team leader and founder of Arch Automotive said. “Shared mobility continues to gain popularity in many parts of the world and the Camana Bay tenants and residents are overwhelmingly positive about this new service.”

ZÜN’s simple, all-inclusive rates also take the guesswork out of car ownership, with insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and even fuel all covered, while the handy, recently launched ZÜN app makes booking a car as easy as opening the app.

Members enjoy on-demand access to a lust-worthy fleet of new cars, each meticulously maintained by Arch Automotive. These include the stunning Audi A3 Sportback in Metallic Glacier White.

This five-door hatchback features a premium interior, ensuring comfort from door to door. Its roomy interior makes it ideal for trips to the supermarket, or for a day trip to the beach. The car also boasts a state-of-the-art sound system, Bluetooth Interface, and rearview camera with parking aid, providing parking ease and maneuverability on the busy streets of Cayman.

“We are very aware of how population growth and development is impacting Grand Cayman. ZÜN provides sustainable and cost-effective mobility options to members of the community, starting with Camana Bay,” Mr. Arch said.

“We’ve estimated a one-to-one ratio of cars per licensed driver here on the island. Cars are generally parked 95 percent of the time. This leaves a massive opportunity to drive efficiency into an inefficient and unsustainable status quo. ZÜN offers individuals the convenience of car ownership without the cost, and it offers families an opportunity to own fewer vehicles.”

Mr. Arch added: As ZÜN continues to grow, we value the feedback of our members and look to expand our fleet and models based on the needs of the car-sharing community.”

Prospective members can visit zuncar.ky and fill out a contact form. They will then be sent an email with everything they need. Once the registration form is submitted, approval takes just one business day.

The benefits of ZÜN

  • On-demand access to cars, made possible by leading automotive and app technology – just open the app and get a ZÜN
  • Simple all-inclusive rates, including insurance, maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and even fuel
  • Convenience – borrow and drop off your car at Camana Bay
  • Flexible – borrow the ZÜN by the minute, making short errands possible
  • Economical – a great alternative to owning a car
  • Comfortable – members drive new cars that are meticulously maintained by Arch Automotive
  • Carefree – with ZÜN there is no worrying about registering cars, road-worthiness, insurance, maintenance, repairs, or car washes. All members need to do is drive.
  • Exceptional customer service provided by Arch Automotive

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