About Camana Bay

About Camana Bay

About Camana Bay

The most vibrant destination in the Cayman Islands is Camana Bay, a thriving New Urbanist town where you can shop, dine, live, work and play.

Located in the heart of Seven Mile Beach, this lively waterfront town brings together more than 3,500 people daily and is enlivened by cultural experiences, world-class shopping and over a dozen restaurants, bars, cafés and speciality eateries.

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The 685-acre town is also a global business hub and home to coastal residences, a 75-foot Observation Tower, a seasonal Farmers & Artisans Market and Grand Cayman’s only footpath connecting sea to sound.

Whether you are in search of a new home or office, some retail therapy or simply craving exceptional eats and fun entertainment, visit Camana Bay–the most celebrated destination on Grand Cayman.


Where to find us

Camana Bay



How to get here

the rise


Pedestrians can easily access Camana Bay from the Seven Mile Beach corridor via the Rise, a pedestrian walkway connecting with the Paseo in the heart of the Town Centre.


All roads lead to Camana Bay! Motorists can get to Camana Bay from the capital, George Town, and from Owen Roberts International Airport and Seven Mile Beach in less than 10 minutes. Free parking is available throughout the Town Centre.


Boat captains can make their way in or take the ferry. Free day docking is available; click to find out more about the Camana Bay Harbour. Coordinates for the Camana Bay channel entrance:

Latitude: 19.323510 Longitude: 81.367715

Coordinates for the Camana Bay Harbour

Latitude: 19.321573 Longitude: 81.376449

Cayman Ferries

Camana Bus

the rise

While you're in Camana Bay, get around town easily and efficiently with Camana Bus, an electric vehicle designed to get you from A to B within Camana Bay.

Currently, the Camana Bus operates a loop around Camana Bay from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. With eight stops ranging from the southern end of the town to Foster's supermarket towards the north, hop on this complimentary ride for a quick and cool trip around town. Click here for the Camana Bus route and tracking map.


Is there a place I can visit for more information on Camana Bay?

Yes, the Camana Bay Visitor Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and is located on Market Street. You can also contact the Visitor Centre team at +1.345.640.4000 or info@camanabay.com

Where can I park?

Parking can be found throughout the Town Centre, for free, 24 hours a day.

I have an electric car. Are there charging stations at Camana Bay?

Yes, we have four charging stations. Two stations can be found in the basement of the Forum Lane Parking Garage and two more stations can be found on the second floor of the Solaris Parking Garage. 

Is there security on site?

Yes, we pride ourselves on offering a safe and secure Town Centre for all to enjoy. Simply call our 24/7 security team at +1.345.640.HELP (4357) if you have something to report or wish to be accompanied to your car.

Are there public spaces where I can relax with a book in hand or enjoy some quiet time in Camana Bay?

We have five secluded courtyards with seating available or you can head over to the Island, a palm-tree-lined sandy space on the Harbour, complete with hammocks and views of the Town Centre.

Are public restrooms available?

Yes. Restrooms are located across from Camana Bay Cinema in Jasmine Court and underneath the Observation Tower adjacent to Canella Court. 

Are ATM machines available for use?

Yes, there are three banks with a presence in Camana Bay - local bank Cayman National has three ATMs, two located inside their location at Kapok and another at Foster's Camana Bay. Scotiabank has ATMs inside its location at 18 Forum Lane, an RBC ATM is available at 9 Forum Lane, and Butterfield Bank has one ATM located outside its location. All ATMs allow you to complete transactions in CI or US dollars.

Is WiFi available throughout the Town Centre?

Yes WiFi is free. Simply connect to camana_bay.