Building Camana Bay

Building Camana Bay

It started as a vision, a dream,
of one man: Ken Dart.

Envisioned in 1995 after the purchase of the former West Indian Club hotel and 238 acres of surrounding land stretching from Seven Mile Beach to the North Sound, Dart started planning a development unlike anything the Cayman Islands had ever seen.


Rooted in the Cayman Islands

A nursery for plants and trees was established soon after the purchase of the property. Because of that foresight, Camana Bay's garden now features some 250 different species and more than 40,000 individual plants, and the approach to landscaping on all of Grand Cayman has evolved.

It took nearly a decade of meticulous planning, engaging some of the world's best professionals, before construction on buildings commenced. The plan had to reflect the vision, but it also had to reflect the Cayman Islands.

The plan had to reflect environmental and fiscal sustainability as well and offer a generational asset to Grand Cayman.

A blossoming town

Cayman International School was the first building to open in 2006. The Town Centre's first businesses opened their doors in November 2007 and in the following years, Camana Bay became a true town, welcoming financial services offices, banks, retail shops, restaurants, gyms, healthcare providers, a cinema and services like a dry cleaner, daycare and mail delivery.

Over the years, the town has expanded. Adjoining lands were acquired. More buildings went up. More people joined the Camana Bay community. More activities engaged the residents, as well as visitors.


Becoming a destination

A weekly Farmers & Artisans Market that is all about "Made in Cayman” joined other activities like “Moonlight & Movies” on the Crescent, live music on the Paseo and events that support charities.

Christmas at Camana Bay became a Cayman Islands ritual, with the annual Tree Lighting event on the Crescent and visits by Santa Claus to capture photographs that families cherish for a lifetime.

Camana Bay has become a place to eat, drink and socialise on a nightly basis and during special events. Taste of Cayman is a highlight of Grand Cayman’s annual culinary calendar. Top international chefs have visited and winemakers from all over the world have led tastings at Blackbeard's.

A community hub

Camana Bay has become a way of life for those who live here, work here or play here. It’s a place for celebrations and life’s defining events — engagements, weddings, promotions, graduations and milestone birthdays.

Sporting events have featured internationally known professional and amateur athletes, while others promote wellness and enrich the lives of the participating residents.



The designers of Camana Bay

Our ethos

During the construction phase, the creative agency Slaughter captured Ken Dart’s vision in words that became Camana Bay’s mantra. The vision is now an ever-evolving reality and the words epitomise Camana Bay:

A place where life blossoms.

We create our town like we create a garden. Something that will last.

Beyond today. And bear fruit for generation after generation. This is Camana Bay.

For Cayman. Of Cayman. Camana Bay.

A special place, living and growing and renewing itself season after season.

This is Camana Bay. A place where life is embraced. Nature. Architecture. Fashion. Food. Entertainment. A place cultivated with care. A place cultivated with the seeds of Caymanian tradition and culture.

And a place nurtured with the best of what the world has to offer.

This is Camana Bay. A place where life flourishes. A place where life unfolds.

A place where life is vibrant. A place where life thrives.

This is Camana Bay.

A place where life blossoms.