Top attractions

Top attractions

Discover the excitement of Camana Bay while enjoying the beauty of island life with these must-see spots.



From the Crescent’s grand fountains dancing 30 feet into the air to Jasmine Court’s interactive fountains perfect for little ones, Camana Bay’s cool water features are refreshing spots to enjoy.


Observation Tower

Take a walk up the 75-foot majestic, underwater-themed mosaic-tiled Observation Tower and be rewarded with a panoramic view of Grand Cayman at the top. Fun fact: The tiles were carefully placed to go from dark to light the higher you climb, depicting the shift in colour in the depths of our waters.

Observation Tower

The Harbour

Dock at the bay for dinner or catch a ride on one of the many water tours and rentals that grace Camana Bay's waters. With short-term and long-term slip rentals you can also find a home for your own boat, or dock for the day for free!

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With five courtyards to choose from, you won’t struggle to find a place to relax in Camana Bay. From the playful fountains of Jasmine Court and the shady oasis of Canella Court, to the calming infinity pool in Gardenia Court and the cascading wall of water in Cassia Court, Camana Bay’s lush and peaceful green spaces will nourish the soul. Don’t miss our newest courtyard, Heliconia Court – Grand Cayman’s largest public courtyard.