Camana Bay guest guidelines

Please help us maintain our safe family-friendly environment for all to enjoy. Camana Bay is private property but we are pleased to invite guests to visit the Town Centre and enjoy spending time here. In return we ask that all patrons, employees, tenants, residents and guests be respectful of others and act responsibly while in Camana Bay, and that all guests respect the property and clean up any debris or garbage for which they are responsible.

The owner is not liable for any loss, damage or injury that may occur while you visit Camana Bay.


  1. Creating a loud noise or using obscene language.
  2. Causing destruction of property.
  3. Littering.
  4. Smoking within 10 feet of a building entryway. For your convenience, we have designated smoking areas (indicated by signs) by each building.
  5. Distributing material, soliciting, demonstrating, or conducting interviews without approval.
  6. Taking professional photos, videos or audio recordings without prior approval from Camana Bay; please click here to email for permission. Please note drone operations are always prohibited as per Cayman Islands law.
  7. Carrying a weapon of any kind.
  8. Unleashing pets or not cleaning up pet messes.


  1. Practice social distancing – stay six feet apart from others.
  2. Wash your hands often.
  3. Consider wearing a mask.
  4. If you are or feel sick, please stay home.


  1. Vehicles parked overnight are left at their own risk. Vehicles left on property without written consent from Camana Bay may be reported to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service or Department of Environmental Health for removal. If you wish to request permission to park your vehicle here overnight, please email or call +1.345.640.HELP (4357).
  2. Guests of all ages are welcome in the Camana Bay Town Centre. Visitors under the age of 17 should be accompanied by an adult after shop closures.


  1. Camana Bay’s security officers are trained to help assist visitors to the Camana Bay Town Centre and prevent any mishaps, so we ask for your full cooperation if approached.
  2. Please wear shoes and shirts when inside shops, services and restaurants, or comply with individual businesses’ dress codes.
  3. Please drive responsibly, respecting speed limits, posted rules and traffic laws.

Camana Bay reserves the right to update these Guest Guidelines from time to time without prior notice. We encourage you to regularly review this page to ensure you are aware of our current Guest Guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please call Camana Bay’s Security Centre at +1.345.640.HELP (4357).

If you have questions or enquiries regarding holding an event in the Town Centre, please contact