Canella Court

Canella Court

Cosy nooks carved into multiple levels of lush landscaping, pebble-lined paths and revitalising water features give Canella Court’s tenants a sense of tranquillity. Surrounded by retail, residential and Class-A office spaces, this uniquely tropical courtyard is a portal from street to sea. Its 75-foot breezeway invigorates the interior spaces with the cool air from the North Sound.

Like all Camana Bay buildings, the structures encircling Canella Court are thoughtfully designed, integrating the natural environment and built to meet Miami-Dade NOA ratings. Leasing options offer flexibility and a range of floor plans perfectly suited for small- to medium-sized businesses. Canella Court is home to The Terraces residences and a mix of world-class firms and retailers.

canella court


  • Meets Miami-Dade NOA rating
  • Proximity to surface and covered parking
  • Generous ceiling heights with high window-to-floor ratio
  • Wide column spans for effective space planning
  • Reinforced concrete roofs
  • Elevation of seven and a half feet above sea level
  • Garden-to-harbour passageway
  • Shady outdoor meeting spaces
  • Hand-cut Bisazza tiles form the water droplets mosaic in the breezeway


Current tenants

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