Cassia Court

Cassia Court

The interior garden offices overlooking the courtyard enjoy a special view of a grand and splendid tree with bright yellow flowers when in full bloom. Set against the backdrop of a cascading wall of water, the courtyard connects Market Street with the Crescent via a stunning 75-foot breezeway. Adorned with stunning mosaics of sea anemones imported from Italy, this breezy walkway channels cool air from the North Sound making Cassia Court a unique space in Camana Bay.

Along its exterior, Cassia Court’s second-floor offices and street-level retailers enjoy views of the Town Centre’s central promenade, the Paseo, which leads to the majestic waterfront harbour. With flexible floor plans, the buildings surrounding the iconic Cassia tree offer Class-A office environments perfect for small- to medium-sized companies and rich amenities, including adjacent indoor and outdoor parking. Cassia Court is home to a mix of world-class firms, retailers, and The Terraces, a collection of 63 luxury apartments available for lease.

cassia court


  • Meets Miami-Dade NOA rating
  • Proximity to surface and covered parking
  • Generous ceiling heights with high window-to-floor ratio
  • Wide column spans for effective space planning
  • Reinforced concrete roofs
  • Elevation of seven and a half feet above sea level
  • PS2 backup generators available to commercial office tenants
  • Garden-to-harbour passageway that ventilates the courtyard
  • Cascading wall of water featuring beautifully lit seashells
  • Hand-cut Bisazza tiles form the sea anemones mosaic in the breezeway
  • Shady outdoor meeting areas surrounded by flourishing botanicals


Current tenants

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