Gardenia Court

Gardenia Court

One of four original Camana Bay courtyards, Gardenia Court mixes verdant lawns and endemic plants with comfy seating and well-lit footpaths that lead to nearby garden offices. The shady garden features an ornamental crescent-shaped infinity pool, filled with an assortment of museum-quality seashells, which adds a touch of tranquillity to outdoor gatherings and business meetings. The surrounding two-storey buildings are home to street-level retailers, including Starbucks, Abacus restaurant and professional services firms on the second floor.

Gardenia Court tenants enjoy the vibrancy of its Market Street address, the beauty of the tree-lined Paseo and the convenience of Camana Bay’s dynamic lifestyle. Its Class-A office suites range in size with footprints up to 10,000 square feet and feature open-air balconies with colourful views of the Town Centre.

Gardenia Courtyard


  • Generous ceiling heights with high window-to-floor ratio
  • Spacious second-floor balconies overlooking the courtyard and the Paseo
  • Nautical-inspired sails to provide courtyard shading while diffusing sunlight
  • Wide column spans for effective space planning
  • Meets Miami-Dade NOA rating
  • Proximity to Market Street amenities
  • Reinforced concrete roofs
  • Elevation of seven and a half feet above sea level


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