Camana Bay recycling

Camana Bay recycling

We want to help keep the Cayman Islands clean and pristine, and with your help we can achieve it. We've made it easy for you to drop off your recyclables in well-labelled bins.

Featuring Cayman's only glass pulveriser, the recycling facilities in the Town Centre accept glass bottles and jars as well as aluminium cans and cardboard items.

In addition, Foster's disposal bins offer recycling drop-off points for plastic items as well as aluminium, glass and cardboard. 

glass bottles


What do we recycle?

Cardboard, aluminium cans and glass bottles and jars. Plastic items are accepted at Foster's Camana Bay. 

Recycling bins


Where can I recycle?

Simply drop off your empty containers in the labelled bins located off Solaris Avenue, opposite the main parking lot by Camana Bay Cinema, or at Foster's Camana Bay. 


Recyling centre

Fosters Recycling station

Recycling station