Book talk: Books to celebrate Literacy Month

Book talk: Books to celebrate Literacy Month

Since it was proclaimed by UNESCO in 1966, International Literacy Day has been observed globally on 8 September as a reminder of the importance of literacy in all communities, and more specifically to society as a whole.

Camana Bay is observing and recognising the importance of literacy during the entire month of September with a water theme, encouraging all to "dive into" reading.
A key component to the celebration in the Town Centre this month is Books & Books, which has been an important part of Camana Bay for those who live, work and/or play there since it opened in 2007. Books & Books carries a wide selection of ocean-themed books and activities for every member of the family.

For the little fish
The team at Books & Books have curated a selection of books for toddlers, children and teens that are perfect for diving deep into literacy! From the "DK Super Shark Encyclopedia" and the "Discovery Real Life Sticker Book" to Disney’s "5-Minute Under the Sea Stories," there is something for little fish readers of all levels.


For the big fish
There are numerous books that fit the water theme available at Books & Books, including old classics and contemporary best sellers. Here are just some:

  • "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" 
    Head deep into the ocean with the classic voyage novel by Jules Verne. Take a trip with the mysterious Captain Nemo to an underwater world in pursuit of an elusive sea monster. This classic science fiction novel is acclaimed as one of the greatest adventure novels of all time.
  • "The Tempest"
    "Hell is empty and all the devils are here!" Take a trip back in time with one of the greatest English writers ever, William Shakespeare, and experience this classic tale set on an island off the coast of Italy. This is a timeless story of magic, comradery and betrayal and well worth reading or revisiting.
  • "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"
    The third book in C.S. Lewis's seven-novel Chronicles of Narnia series takes readers on a voyage across the sea on the Dawn Treader to the end of the world in pursuit of seven banished lords. The most attractive principle of the Chronicles of Narnia series is the duality of the lives of the Pevensie children, living in two worlds, which allows every novel the flexibility to be a standalone adventure without the necessity of reading the prior books.
  • "The Woman in Cabin 10" 
    Laura "Lo" Blacklock witnesses a woman being thrown overboard on a small cruise ship, but she is told all passengers have been accounted for. Did she really see it and if so, who was the woman in Cabin 10? Read Ruth Ware's 2016 best-selling thriller to find out.

Let others know what you’re reading in September by using the hashtag #CamanaBay on Facebook or Instagram posts.

This article will appear in the September 2020 print edition of Camana Bay Times with the headline "Books to celebrate Literacy Month".


About the Author

Alanna Warwick-Smith is a Marketing Coordinator supporting the business development and real estate marketing team for Dart. Alanna has worked in Dart’s flagship development of Camana Bay for the past eight years, when she began her career working at the town’s bookstore, Books & Books. A lover of the written word, Alanna reads and writes poetry in her spare time, and has written content for a range of platforms in the past, including her own blog and Camana Bay Times.

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