Made in Cayman: Cosmic Love jewellery

“From my heart to yours."

That is how artisan Yesica Rodríguez Federico personally signs each piece of jewellery she creates under her brand, Cosmic Love.
An architect by profession, Rodríguez Federico came to Cayman from Venezuela three years ago, and, inspired by Cayman’s natural surroundings, began designing and making her own jewellery here.

“I specialised in making Boho hair accessories and jewellery for celebrations since 2019," she says. "Then I had this idea around my mind."

During the COVID-19 lockdown, that idea took shape to become Cosmic Love.
“The brand is a celebration of love, kindness and connection, taking inspiration from the stars, the magic crystals, the sky and the love in our hearts," she says. "Each piece is a reminder to share meaningful connections with those around us. Share a little love with your universe, and let it give a little love to you.”

Cosmic Love jewellery and hair accessories, some of which is sold at 3 Girls & A Kiln in Camana Bay, features different kinds of crystals. Rodríguez Federico says each type of crystal used has its own "personality" that the buyer can choose to match their own. The personality and properties of each crystal used are described in a little card attached to each piece. For example, the cards say smoked quartz provides, "serenity, calmness, and positive thoughts," and "lifts depression and provides stability, intuition and pride.”

The cards say that angel aura quartz “awakens empathy, optimism and compassion," and "helps mental clarity, is a powerful aura cleanser and causes inner peace and calm.”

The hair accessories include crowns fit for princesses, as well headbands, tiaras and beautiful hairpins. Each piece is handmade, and one of a kind. The crystals are set in intricate designs of steel-grey metal wire.

“I am always researching about crystals and their wonderful properties to incorporate them into my creations,” she says.

It is not surprising that, as an architect, Rodríguez Federico also has an eye for jewellery making.

“I am passionate about design and someone who admires beauty in its different forms," she says.

The inspiration to create also comes from her natural surroundings, Rodríguez Federico says.

"Cayman is one of those idyllic places with white sand and ultra-turquoise waters and is a space that fills me with peace and tranquility, which helps to get in touch with the inner self," she says. "That inspired me to start creating the Boho jewellery with different gemstones, and then I started to explore with different crystals."

Although each piece of Cosmic Love jewellery is unique, each has one thing in common, she says.

"They are always ethically created with love!”

This article originally appeared in the August 2021 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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