Using energy to detect food sensitivities at Align Wellness Studio in Camana Bay

Using energy to detect food sensitivities at Align Wellness Studio in Camana Bay

“Don’t fear the truth,” says Dr. Bonnie Lambert.

The doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine is referring to the results of a test for food sensitivities she provides at Align Wellness Studio in Camana Bay.

Her clients come to her because they're experiencing digestive problems.
"They even bring me the food from their refrigerators," she says.

Having been trained in bioenergetic sensitivity and enzyme therapy, which combines the science of acupuncture and the body’s meridian system with electromagnetic technology and computer software, Lambert — who has been practising the discipline for many years — is able to diagnose food and environmental allergies, sensitivities, toxicity and weakness of organ systems.

The food sensitivity test provided by Lambert takes only about 20 minutes and is mainly based on homeopathy – the belief that substances cause symptoms of disease in healthy people – and kinesiology, which uses muscle testing to determine health. One of the underlying premises is that the human body is vibrating at a specific frequency, says Lambert. “Everything in your body has a frequency: your fingernail, your nose ... everything," she says. "A frequency in your body can have a disease. When you match the frequency, you can cure the disease.”

Lambert says that different foods also vibrate at specific frequencies and by bringing a food type into contact with a person, she is able to assess whether that food type is aligned vibrationally, or if there is a problem.

A total of 225 different foods can be checked through the analysis that Lambert conducts using a specialised device with vials of food substances.

“The vials have a vibration associated with each substance," she says, adding that if that frequency comes into contact with your body and it makes the body weak, it indicates the frequencies don't match.

"It is like hot and cold, yin and yang, strong and weak," she says.

Once a client has been tested, Lambert will then prescribe a diet for a 10-day to 3-week period. By eliminating different food types, it is possible to gain an understanding of the underlying issues and the client can then be reassessed to learn if they have an allergy or not.

“By taking foods out, it will allow the gut to rebuild the enzymes,” she says. "I can then go to the next level and find out which organ or Chinese meridian is blocked due to allergies, or see if it is an emotional allergy, inherited allergy or accumulated allergy."

Clients can be resistant if they don’t like hearing something that may be causing a problem such as coffee, chocolate or wine," Lambert says, adding that once the problem has been determined, she can then prescribe the enzyme that will then allow them to enjoy the food or drink that their body was struggling to digest before.

This article originally appeared in the January 2021 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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