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Great Room by NKY

GREAT ROOM by NKY, created by the founders of NKY, offers high-quality handcrafted, one-of-a-kind furniture and home décor.

Established initially in Grand Cayman in 2002, the ownership has re-established the company this month. Cookie-cutter designs are nonexistent at GREAT ROOM and all pieces are made to catch everyone’s eye with quality always at the forefront of fabrication.

What truly sets GREAT ROOM apart is that everything, from A-Z, is handled in house. As owners of their own 60,000-square-foot factory in Java, Indonesia, every unique piece is designed and manufactured by their own in house team, shipped directly to Cayman and retailed in the new GREAT ROOM showroom located in the heart of the Town Centre in Camana Bay. 

Designed with style and comfort in mind, everything in store, from furniture pieces to paintings and rugs, are made with sustainably sourced materials from Indonesia, making every single piece unique and specific to GREAT ROOM inventory only.

If you like to stand out when it comes to your home's furniture and décor, GREAT ROOM by NKY is the place to visit.

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