10 fascinating facts about Camana Bay’s design

10 fascinating facts about Camana Bay’s design

Every detail matters to Dart, the developer of Camana Bay. The best artisans and craftsmen locally and around the world came together over 10 years ago to design and later build the town of Camana Bay.

Today, our Town Centre attracts thousands of residents and visitors each year who share in the culture and heritage of the Cayman Islands through little details woven throughout the architecture and ambience that makes Camana Bay so special.

Here are 10 of our favourite “Did You Know” design facts about Camana Bay:

1. The word “Camana” dates back some 300 years, and is derived from “Las Camanas”, an early Spanish spelling of the islands.

2. Air conditioning throughout all commercial offices, restaurants and retail stores is provided by a chiller plant, which pumps 33,000 gallons of cold water through a closed circuit of insulated pipes over a distance of 10,000 feet.

3. L’Observatoire, the creator of Camana Bay’s lighting features, was also commissioned by the Louvre in Paris to light the world’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa.

lighting fixtures

4. The palms trees on the Island were handpicked to lean at different angles so there’s shade at any given time of the day.

5. The boulders used as seats in the Crescent, the Paseo and on the Island were mined locally.

6. Each of the two passageways that connect The Crescent to the nearby Cassia and Canella courtyards are adorned with a 75-foot Bizazza mosaic. One depicts a series of water droplets, the other a sea anemone.

7. The mural in The Observation Tower portrays the Cayman Islands diving industry and is made up of over three million Venetian glass tiles. At night, The Observation Tower resembles a lantern with golden light escaping through its louvred façade, guiding seafarers home.

helix staircase
The Observation Tower

8. The town of Camana Bay has been carefully orientated to maximise the cooling breezes provided by prevailing trade winds blowing from the northeast and through the Camana Bay Harbour.

9. 18 Forum Lane’s metal sun shades were inspired by the corrugated zinc roof of old Caymanian cottages.

10. Bat houses were intentionally built on The Festival Green to naturally curb mosquito populations at Camana Bay.

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