10 ways OLEA honours Earth Month every month

10 ways OLEA honours Earth Month every month

Sustainable development is an approach to development that takes the finite resources of the Earth into consideration. So with April 2019 marking the 49th anniversary of Earth Month across the globe, we thought it fitting to list the top 10 reasons why OLEA at Camana Bay will be one of the most sustainable residential developments on Grand Cayman.

1. It will have the largest solar array of any residential development on Grand Cayman. All residences in OLEA will incorporate solar panels to reduce operating costs for owners. Common areas and amenities will also be powered by solar panels.

2. Using the very latest technology, geothermal cooling systems will cool the homes more efficiently than conventional air-conditioning systems, and won’t require extensive maintenance by owners.

3. Windows will be “low E,” which means they reflect the sun’s energy back out to the atmosphere instead of absorbing the heat, helping to keep the residences cool.

4. All homes are built using ICF construction, which, in addition to being one of the most fortified ways to build, has a double insulating factor that keeps hot air out and cool air in.

5. The interiors of the OLEA residences will integrate energy-efficient elements such as LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, LPG gas cooktops, dryers and tankless water heaters and water-conserving toilets.

6. Hardscapes will be designed and constructed to assist with water drainage. The hardscapes will also be built using permeable concrete, which provides a more natural and efficient drainage process, reducing the amount of pooled water after heavy rains.

7. Landscapes will incorporate native plants, where possible, as well as drought-tolerant plant species to reduce the amount of water required for irrigation.

8. Cisterns will be used to capture rain water to irrigate the common areas and central park.

9. Provision will be made for homeowners wishing to have an electric car charger and electric car charging stations will be provided for the condominium buildings.

10. There will be on-site collection of recycling materials to encourage and promote recycling among residents.

A dedicated Sales & Presentation Centre for the collection of 124 spacious and energy-efficient condos, townhomes and duplexes that make up the residential community of OLEA, is now open on Market Street in the heart of Camana Bay’s Town Centre. OLEA representatives are on hand to provide more detailed information about OLEA’s sustainable features, as well as floor plans, prices and interiors. To find out how you can be a part of this sustainable community, visit the OLEA Sales & Presentation Centre on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 12 to 5 p.m. or click here for more information.


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Jo Gammage is Senior Brand Manager on the real estate marketing team for Dart. Bringing a decade of experience in real estate to her role, Jo previously worked for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism. This combination of experience means she has witnessed the journey of a visitor planning their first trip to the Cayman Islands through to purchasing a home after relocating here. In fact, Jo is very familiar with how easy it is to fall in love with the Cayman Islands, having moved here 22 years ago after stints in England, Australia and Hong Kong and never left. In her free time, Jo can be found browsing the shelves at Books & Books for more cookbooks to add to her impressive collection.

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