A new, bigger home for Audiophile

By Ariel Thompson

12 April 2023

Electronics showroom
Audiophile recently launched its new retail space, located at the corner of Market St. and Forum Lane. — Photo: Davion Cotterell

It’s a resounding success story with the humblest of beginnings.

“Believe it or not, [Audiophile] started out with me selling electronics out of the back of my car,” said Malcolm Eden, the managing director at what is now notably the island’s most prominent home and commercial technology systems company.

Since then, the company has steadily grown and expanded to what it has become today.

“We initially started with car audio installations and then went into professional audio products. From there, we evolved into providing home electronics and audio, home automation, lighting control and motorised blinds,” said Eden.

Last month, Audiophile made its most recent milestone by opening a consolidated flagship store and showroom on Market Street, joining several other home design and decor retailers in what has become a budding design district.

“We’ve completely rebranded and just go by Audiophile now. With that, we have a new logo and location in Camana Bay as we decided to consolidate our other stores and locations into one space,” said Eden.

“[The move] had to do with finding more effective and efficient ways of doing things – for a growing business, it allows us to have better control of our operations by bringing it all together in one location.”

When deciding on that one location, Camana Bay proved to be the best spot for accessibility to and for their customers.

“It made sense for us to be in a premier shopping location as we offer what I believe are some of the best brands in the world – and that’s how we sort of came to the decision to be here in Camana Bay,” he said. “A number of our customers are already based here as well as we do a lot of work for the financial institutions and law firms and their employees.”

Audiophile previously occupied a unit on the Paseo – a showroom for one of the high-end luxury audio brands it offers, Bang & Olufsen.

Now, Audiophile fills a space four times the size of the previous showroom, allowing customers to better experience all the products and services it offers on display at the store.

Additional brands it carries include Sonos, JVL, Bowers & Wilkens, Savant and Lutron, to name a few.

The store’s proximity to other tenants in the residential and commercial design space allows for an increase in partnership opportunities. Taking it a step further, Audiophile often gets involved in a building’s design phase by partnering with architects like those in Camana Bay.

“Some of our products need to be incorporated in the design stage, so we get involved in some projects early on. There are architects here that we work with, like Michael Meghoo [at MJM Design Studio] and the team at TRIO Architecture. With this location, we can have the architects and the clients come here to look at our products and samples, saving everyone time,” said Eden.

Audiophile also offers retrofitting – so any space has the potential to be upgraded with its products.

This article was originally featured in the April 2023 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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