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A night at the movies, VIP style

By Alyson Hay

Watching a movie while eating pizza and sipping on bubbles in a recliner chair sounds like something that only happens in the ‘pictures’, but this was made a reality in Cayman at Camana Bay Cinema on Saturday, 1 April – April Fools' jokes aside.

Before the film began (we were watching Logan, 2017, R,) I made sure to peek inside the room with the lights on and I was very impressed by the cosy homey look. I then looked at my ticket to find my assigned seating (yes, there are assigned seats and you do have the option to choose your seat). This is a refreshing approach; no more having to stress about finding a seat next to your friends or significant other and with all this spacious room, you won’t have to walk on anyone’s toes to get to your seat.

I found myself in the first row ‘A6’, front and centre (no complaints with Hugh Jackman on screen). Once I sat in the leather chair, I played around with the recliner options and in a matter of seconds, I had my feet in the air without a care – all that was missing was a blanket, it would be nice if they had this offering too (hint, hint). I felt the recliner went back just enough (without lying flat) and was extremely comfortable.

As I prepared for the movie to begin I was surprised with a BOOM – the Dolby surround sound shows off what it can do. The sound technology blew me away – literally, the seats were shaking but strangely enough, the sound was not loud enough to hurt your ears. When a helicopter came on screen, I felt I was in the scene hearing the helicopter above me thanks to the speakers on the ceiling. The sound is so crisp; I could not tell if the person beside me was breathing or if it was the actor. Now I am wondering when cinemas will introduce smells to coincide with onscreen moments.

The price for this VIP experience is only CI$10 extra on the regular ticket price. It is the perfect setting to impress a date, or maybe you want to escape screaming toddlers, or maybe the cinema’s new thin-crust gourmet pizza is enough to entice you. Either way, I hope you try this experience; I am anxiously awaiting the next movie that will be shown in this theatre, which will open to the public this weekend.

See you at the movies, VIP style!