Apprenticeship provides opportunities for Cayman’s youth

By Ariel Thompson

13 February 2023

Graduates lined up on stage

Three young Caymanians recently celebrated completion of their respective levels of the Public Works Department's apprenticeship programme.

Antowne Folkes, Jharrin Greendge and Roukeim Pitterson — each of whom has been employed part-time by Dart's property management team since June — were honoured at a graduation ceremony in January. The apprenticeship trains and certifies young Caymanians coming out of high school in vocational careers in the management, construction and maintenance of infrastructure and facilities.

Folkes completed level three of the programme, while Greendge and Pitterson completed levels one and two. The trio has engaged in work across Dart’s properties, including Camana Bay.

Dart’s Chief Building Engineer Kevin Line says they’re gaining meaningful experience from team members such as the specialised mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) technicians, an element the company advocated be added to the programme a few years ago.

“We provide opportunities for them to work among different specialities and meet with each unit on the team while encouraging them to find an area they can focus on. So, in a few years, they can show they are qualified in specific trades,” said Line.

As part of their training with Dart, Line’s team works with the apprentices to outline a development plan that can lead to other opportunities.

“As best as possible, we match their careers and training plans with our business needs, with the possibility of full-time trainee employment when the apprenticeship ends,” he said.

This article was originally published in the February 2023 edition of Camana Bay Times.

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