At the movies: My return to the cinema

At the movies: My return to the cinema

By Alanna Warwick-Smith

11 September 2020

Few things bring me more comfort than the feeling of relaxing into a cinema chair, wearing my favourite sweater, a warm bag of popcorn on my lap and large soda to my side.

Returning to Camana Bay Cinema after four months of watching films on my couch reminded me of how much going to the cinema is, and should be treated as, a special occasion.

Camana Bay Cinema is open and ready to provide you the known comforts you’re familiar with, like your favourite menu items and the smiles of the long-time staff. There are some new safety measures in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure you have peace of mind during your time watching the silver screen.

On arrival, you are reminded through door signage of the requirement to wear a mask when entering the cinema. I initially felt a little bit of concern about watching a film with a mask on, however was informed that once you are seated in the auditorium, you are able to remove your mask.

The process of purchasing tickets and snacks remains the same, albeit with the reminder of maintaining social distancing in the line in accordance with the Cayman Islands Government's requirements. The extensive Camana Bay Cinema menu remains available for purchase. Even though I was tempted by the pizza, I opted for my go-to of curly fries and mozzarella sticks.

When purchasing your ticket, in person or online, you learn that all seats are assigned in every auditorium and that you can choose your seat. At the time of my visit, I was not allowed to purchase a seat within three seats of any already occupied and the aisle seats were not available, either. I attended alone, but groups should note your tickets will need to be purchased together.

Movie theatres globally are tackling the battle of finding new and notable films, and Camana Bay Cinema is no different. However, the staff is working hard to curate a mix of new content and classic favourites. I enjoyed the recent Disney/Pixar release, "Onward."

As someone who lived through many busy Friday evening premiere screenings of the Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games series, I wondered how social distancing would be maintained in a busy theatre. However, Camana Bay Cinema managed it and surpassed my expectations. Due to the spacing of three seats distance between patrons, I had a row to myself and I was pleased to see the rows in front and behind me were left empty for extra social distancing. Once I removed my mask, I forgot the pandemic and the outside world, and I was able to be taken to the faraway lands of the movie "Onward" and feel … normal.

 While things are by no means normal, Camana Bay Cinema has taken lemons and turned them into lemonade. Oh, they have that on the menu, too.

Editor's note: With the government's relaxation of social distancing requirements in late August, the restrictions at the Camana Bay Cimema might change in September. Check with the cinema directly for social distancing guidelines at any given time.


About the authorAlanna Warwick-Smith is a Senior Marketing Communications Coordinator supporting the business development and real estate marketing team for Dart. Alanna has worked in Dart’s flagship development of Camana Bay for the past eight years, when she began her career working at the town’s bookstore, Books & Books. A lover of the written word, Alanna reads and writes poetry in her spare time, and has written content for a range of platforms in the past, including her own blog and Camana Bay Times.

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