Better hair care for the new year

By Ariel Thompson

5 January 2023

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Many people have started to identify their New Year's resolutions, whether it be a passing thought or an intended commitment.

Hair is one more to add.

Striving for proper hair and scalp care may not have previously made your resolutions list, as many assume their current routine is good enough.

There's a good chance it's not.

Darla Dilbert, trichologist and owner of Eclipze Hair Design & Day Spa, shared the following tips on how everyone can achieve healthy hair and scalp care in 2023.

Go deep
She stressed the importance of starting from the top with a scalp deep cleanse.

"A scalp deep cleanse will make a lot of difference in overall hair growth and the health of your hair. It gets rid of any product build-up, debris and dry skin that's been left there — giving a nice clean slate for your scalp to be able to 'breathe' and get the blood flow and circulation to your hair follicles," she said.

At-home care
The next step is proper at-home care with products specifically designed to tackle a person's hair and scalp needs. Your hair texture, pattern, colour and areas of concern, such as frizz, damage or scalp issues, should be matched with quality shampoos, conditioners and serums that support or correct those areas. Avoid generic solutions where possible.

A consistent trim
Possibly the most dreaded step for people to stick to is getting a regular trim.

On average, hair grows a half inch each month. If your goal is to grow out your hair, trimming a quarter inch removes damaged ends and leaves you with a healthy quarter inch of hair.

From there, you'll see steady and healthy growth. Anything more than that is considered a cut and it's vital to ensure your stylist knows the difference.

Deep treatments
The moment hair grows out of the scalp, it dies. Not the most pleasant thought, but all the more reason to give this crowning glory a little extra tender loving care with deep conditioning treatments. These feed moisture and protein back into the hair, so it's not as dry or lifeless.

Treatments are recommended weekly to monthly, depending on the hair's current damage level.

Whether your resolution is a new hairstyle or routine, a consultation with a trusted stylist is the best place to begin.

Eclipze offers a free 15-minute consultation to assess hair and scalp needs and provide recommendations for products and services to achieve these steps.


This article was originally published in the December 2022 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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