Bite Club rewards loyalty

Bite Club rewards loyalty

By Christopher Tobutt

4 February 2021

With more than a dozen locations scattered between West Bay and George Town, Market Street Group is Grand Cayman's largest restaurant operator.

Its restaurants truly offer something for everyone in terms of menus and food flavours. Each restaurant has its own charm and unique character, too. Four of them can be found in Camana Bay: Mizu Asian Bistro + Bar, The Waterfront Urban Diner, Pani Indian Kitchen and The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta, and together they add plenty of sights, aromas and sounds to the Crescent’s already cosmopolitan atmosphere.

To help create customer loyalty within the wider group of restaurants — which currently includes 19 eateries — Market Street launched "Bite Club" in October 2020. The new app-based loyalty program rewards customers who dine regularly at Market Street's restaurants, while encouraging them to try new dining experiences, with purchases at one restaurant earning the customer loyalty points that can be redeemed at any of the other eateries.

By Joining Bite Club (which is easy; just click here), each customer also gets updates on events and promotions happening at each of the other restaurants. In addition, those with dietary preferences, like vegans or pescatarians for example, are better able to see at a glance what each of the restaurants can provide for them.

Market Street Group Operations Manager Jason Moir says that every receipt given at one of the Market Street Group's restaurants, whether from dining in or delivery, has a unique number.

"After you register with the app, you enter that number after your purchase and that directly uploads your points to the app," he says. "With every purchase, customers can gather Bite Club points that can be used to purchase food and drink in any of our restaurants."

There are other benefits to joining Bite Club through the app as well.

"You will also get our newsletter," says Moir, "so you will find out what the deals and specials are at our various restaurants and find out what is going on at Camana Bay with our big events as well."

Market Street Group's Steve Shienfield says Bite Club allows diners to expand their food options and still earn points.

"Just because customers want to watch sports at Lone Star one day, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to go for sushi or pizza or pasta or healthy fresh salads another day," he says. "Using the loyalty program allows our consumer to really branch out and enjoy different things while still being able to earn the rewards.”

delivery food driver and car
One of Let’s Eat’s smart delivery scooters, which deliver food from Bite Club's restaurants, prepares to leave a Camana Bay restaurant. Photo: Christopher Tobutt

Restaurants within restaurants
Recently, Market Street added six new restaurant concepts that are included in the Bite Club loyalty programme. These restaurants have no separate physical location where customers can dine in, but simply use the kitchens of Market Street Group's existing restaurants to prepare food for delivery only. The concept is similar to the smartphone-based restaurant revolution that began in the United States a few years ago and has now taken off because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each of these new restaurants — Island Poke, Bubba’s BBQ, Roasters Chicken, Pita Pita, Thai Kitchen and Wing Man — have completely separate menus and identities, not only from one another, but also from the existing restaurant whose kitchen space they use.

Customers order from the restaurant menu they see on the Let’s Eat food delivery company website at or on their downloaded smartphone app. The food is then delivered hot and fresh right to their home or office via one of Let’s Eat’s scooters or cars. And, like with the rest of Bite Club's participating restaurants, customers can earn points for their purchase by simply entering the receipt number into the app.

This article first appeared in the February 2021 print issue of Camana Bay Times.

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