Bottoms up for a few more bucks

Woman holding a box of empty beer bottles
Caybrew recycling programme now offers $4 for returned bottles

Blackbeard’s, a participant of the long-running Caybrew bottle recycling programme, supports the drive to reduce waste in the Cayman Islands by offering customers cash back to return their empty bottles to be recycled.

Thanks to a recent change in the Caybrew recycling programme, your empties are worth even more.

“Returnable glass bottles use 85% lower emissions than single use glass. Currently, we get about half of our bottles back, but we really want the public’s help to increase that ratio," said Caybrew's Chief Financial Officer Craig Webster. "To incentivise this, we’ve recently increased the price we pay for returns from CI$2 to CI$4 a case [off the customer’s next purchase] and we’ve added many more drop-off points."

Box of empty beer bottles

Blackbeard's has been a participant in Caybrew's bottle return programme since 2019.

“[It's] a great initiative to promote environmental sustainability in the Cayman Islands," said Helen Wong, Blackbeard’s retail manager. "By encouraging customers to return their empty bottles, we can reduce waste and help protect our beautiful island home. For convenience, customers are welcome to drop off their empties at any of our store locations, and we will also give them $4 back off their next purchase."

Caybrew picks up bottles regularly from all local bars and restaurants. The public can also drop them at any Blackbeard’s or Jacques Scott liquor stores or directly at the Cayman Islands Brewery.

This article was published in the June 2023 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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