Cayman National Bank set to open in Kapok

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Cayman National Bank Chief Executive Officer Janet Hislop says CNB will be launching several new digital banking offerings coinciding with the move to Kapok.

Fifteen years after opening its doors as one of Camana Bay's first tenants, Cayman National Bank is ready for a move.

Cayman National Bank — the first bank to operate in Camana Bay — is set to become the first commercial tenant of Kapok, Camana Bay's first 10-storey residential building that opened its doors in January.

"After 15 years, Kapok has offered us an opportunity to showcase Cayman National’s updated look, while staying in the Camana Bay community," said Cayman National Bank Chief Executive Officer Janet Hislop. "We have better street visibility and will now provide ample parking for our valued customers, within walking distance of all of Camana Bay’s amenities."

The move coincides with the launch of several Cayman National offerings and services aimed at providing clients an enhanced digital banking experience.

"[I'm] excited for what’s to come and our digital offerings, like our interactive teller machine, arriving late this summer," Hislop said. "ITMs combine the traditional functionality of an ATM while offering envelope-free and immediate-credit cash deposits and live video interaction with our experienced customer service representatives to provide a range of transactions typically performed at the counter in a fraction of the time."

Cayman National's location at 62 Forum Lane opened in 2008 and has 14 staff working from the office. Premier Banking, Cayman National Fund Services Ltd. and Cayman National Securities Ltd. remain on the second floor of 62 Forum Lane.

Hislop said it's important for Cayman National to now have footprints in two different areas of Camana Bay.

"Camana Bay Town Centre gives us the opportunity to offer our local and international clients a one-stop shop, where they can find our range of financial service offerings," she said. "In addition, it’s a great location that our employees get to enjoy, whether for client meetings at one of the restaurants, staff socials at the cinema or simply to sit outside and feel the breeze."

Cayman National anticipates moving into Kapok in early April and customers can check the bank's website and social media platforms for further information.

This article was also featured in the April 2023 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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