Celebrating Earth Day with SHAPE and Jessie’s Juice Bar

Celebrating Earth Day with SHAPE and Jessie’s Juice Bar

24 April 2018

To celebrate Earth Day, SHAPE magazine featured Camana Bay eatery, Jessie’s Juice Bar, which those living in Grand Cayman already know and love as a favourite stop for all things delicious, nutritious and sustainable.

Jessie’s Juice Bar began with a mantra: let your food be thy medicine. In the end, the food also became Cayman’s goats’ medicine (yes, you read that right!) as Jess had so much leftover juice pulp that she began distributing it to local farmers to feed their goats (check out SHAPE’s video in this link to see how much one goat loves the watermelon juice pulp!).

Eventually, Jessie’s expanded to offer food products and found a way to repurpose the juice pulp for human consumption as well as animal (don’t worry, there’s still enough pulp left over from this always-busy juice bar that the goats are able to enjoy regular feeds!). By combining the juice pulp with just a few other ingredients and dehydrating the mixture, Jess has created flaxseed pulp crackers and wraps which are nutrient-dense and allow for juicing to become a zero-waste activity!

Whether you live in Grand Cayman, work in Camana Bay or are visiting, make sure to stop by Jessie’s Juice Bar to try one of their juices or one of their many delicious wrap options served in a flax wrap! And just in case you aren’t planning a visit anytime soon or you don’t live in Grand Cayman, SHAPE has published the recipe for you to make these wraps at home as well – just click here. Happy Earth Day!

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