CIS expands Caymanian scholarship programme

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Cayman International School is expanding its scholarship programme to increase the number of scholarships on offer to Caymanian students at the high school level.

Following the physical expansion of the high school facilities last year, the newly-named CIS Cayman Citizen Scholarship Program will offer a mix of partial and full tuition scholarships for up to 12 students in grades 9 through 12.

“While candidates must be Caymanian in order to qualify, the scholarship programme is primarily aimed for new students to CIS, who must apply to the programme prior to being accepted into the school,” said the school's Head of Admissions and Community Relations Rita Imparato.

Students don’t have to apply only from ninth grade; they can also apply if they are going into 10th or 11th grade.

The full scholarships cover the tuition in full until students graduate. Students, however, must remain in good academic standing and be positive role models to the school and community in order to hold the scholarship until graduation.

Past recipients of CIS scholarships have gone on to become very successful in both their educational and professional careers. The first recipient of the programme, which started during the 2008-09 school year, graduated from Cayman International School in 2012 and is now working at the Appleby law firm. The second recipient who graduated the following year in 2013 now works for Dart as an accountant. The fifth recipient, David Lee, is now an attorney at Walkers.

Current Cayman International School students who still hold their scholarships until graduation are doing extremely well academically and within the community, which shows how this programme has impacted them a positive way, said Imparato.

In addition to a top-quality education programme, which includes an optional International Baccalaureate Diploma study programme, Cayman International school also offers students the opportunity to get involved in sports, the fine arts and the performing arts, as well as other clubs and activities. Students are also required to become involved in various community projects.

This year’s scholarship recipients will be notified by 30 May on whether they were successful with their application.

Students interested in applying for the programme for the 2023 school year can reach out to Cayman International School for further information or visit

This article will also be published in the May/June 2022 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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