Forbes: What’s the best kept secret on Grand Cayman?

Forbes: What’s the best kept secret on Grand Cayman?

By Joni Sweet

31 January 2019

Grand Cayman is world famous for its miles of coral-sand beaches, luxury resorts, diving opportunities and duty-free shopping. But here’s something the majority of its 2 million annual travelers have yet to discover: the Grand Cayman wellness scene. This beach vacation destination actually has endless ways to soothe and pamper even the most stressed-out visitor’s mind, body and soul.

Wellness on Grand Cayman goes beyond getting a massage or facial (although you should definitely visit at least one of the island’s incredible spas). It happens when you’re meditating on long drives along the coast, feasting on sea-to-table dishes, caring for yourself in outdoor yoga classes and catching a glimpse of endangered species in their natural habitats. To truly experience wellness on Grand Cayman, though, you have to know where to look.

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