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Lexington Herald Leader: Looking for a hassle-free tropical getaway? We’ve found one for you.

I knew I was going to like Deserene Miller, also known as Miss D or Lady D, when she picked me up at the Owen Roberts International Airport in George Town.

A tiny bundle of energy with an ever-present fedora perched jauntily on her head, Miss D had been assigned as my driver/guide for the four days I was on the island. After about 15 minutes, her job description had expanded to driver/guide/friend.

Over our four days together we did a lot of laughing and some serious sightseeing, taking in attractions from the Cayman Turtle Center to the Blue Iguana Habitat; from Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park to the National Museum.

I had been to Grand Cayman once before, but only as an afternoon port-of-call on a cruise ship. For my shore excursion, I had opted for a trip to Stingray City, where — donning fins and snorkel gear — I frolicked among large southern stingrays inhabiting a shallow sandbar. If I was willing to get close enough, I was told, I could leave with a stingray kiss imprinted on my palm or cheek.

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