Isle style: The post-holiday wardrobe

Isle style: The post-holiday wardrobe

Let the holiday recovery begin.

For most people, there was a lot of eating and drinking last month, even more than usual for a place commonly referred to as the "Culinary Capital of the Caribbean."

The Cayman-style beef and 2-for-1 wine specials may be good highlights of the season, but as enjoyable as they were, there’s a slight downside.

Let’s be transparent for a moment. The holidays can bring on a bit of extra weight, the price of having a carefree and memorable celebratory time. Now that festivities are over, we might be noticing the consequences of these actions; namely, our clothes not fitting the same anymore.

To avoid this being a stressful situation, have your holiday-recovery wardrobe on standby. Having clothes in case you gain weight is just as important and beneficial if you were to have clothes for hot, cold, wet or dry weather. No matter your preferred style, there are clothing options to help you conceal or feel more comfortable.

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Christmas season indulging can make finding clothes that fit a challenge in January.

Materials that stretch are beneficial in any circumstance. Stretch allows your body to move more freely without restriction and discomfort. It also allows you some wiggle room if your weight fluctuates. Incorporate some clothing with elasticity and test it out before buying by engaging in some light acrobatics in the dressing room.

A sure way to disguise weight gain is by adding layers to your outfit. Don’t think bulky — stick to your usual pieces and add a few extra touches. A cardigan over a blouse or a shirt dress over pants can go a long way.

Even if your favourite jacket can’t button right now, or your pants are a little tight on the hips, as long as they are still comfortable to have on, you can be a master of disguise by using strategic layers.

Some body types allow for loose clothing to fall effortlessly without looking sloppy, while others have to accompany it with something fitted, like a belt, or blouson or sheath waistline (often an elastic band in the waist). There’s literal room for growth in these styles of clothing and they can offer some peace of mind if you are feeling self-conscious about any weight gain.
Just remember: We're all human, and we should enjoy the holidays, so don't overthink it.

This article was originally featured in the January 2022 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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