Isle style: Workout threads

Isle style: Workout threads

When you look good, you feel the burn.

That may not be exactly how the saying goes, but let’s pretend it does for the purpose of this article.

The right outfit can often help increase your chances of business success. Likewise, the right exercise gear can support and even motivate you through a set of lunges or that last lap around the track.

Depending on the type of exercise activity in which you engage, it’s important — and sometimes life-saving — that you dress appropriately. 

For example, if you’re jogging on the road at night, neon and reflective materials will ensure that motorists can see you. Or, if you’re doing squats, stretchy and flexible materials will ensure you get down and back up with ease — at least until your calf muscles start burning. 

However, athletic clothing is no longer only about practicality and functionality, which still rank high in importance; it’s also about personality.

The rise of "athleisure wear" over the past two decades is a testament to not sacrificing style for convenience. Even high-fashion luxury brands known for their extravagant runway garments have crossed over to offer stylish and comfortable activewear.

From crop tops or bomber jackets to floral prints or leather patches, activewear has evolved, earning its rightful place in the fashion industry.

Ideally, most people prefer to work on their version of a “summer body” ahead of summer, but better late than never. If that’s your goal, or if you want prime weekend-errands gear, the shops of Camana Bay have you covered.

You can find a wide range of activewear in the Town Centre for all genders, shapes and sizes, from well-known sports, athletic and yoga brands. 

Activ Angels offers premium activewear and performance apparel for men and women.  Brands carried in-store include Avocado, Nux and Varley for women; Saxx and Rhone for men; and Alo, for both men and women.

Available sizes for women range from XS to XL, and men’s options range from small to XL in bottoms and up to 2XL in tops.

Sportista also carries a variety of brand name athletic and sportswear for men and women.

These brands include Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Nike and Under Armour.

Men’s sizes range from small to XL, women’s sizes range from XS to XL, and plus-size options for women are available from 1x-3x. Both stores also offer an array of accessories, such as sneakers, gym bags, towels, headgear, mats and more. 

This article first appeared in the July 2021 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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