Kapok’s first residents settling in

Living room

In November 2022, recently married John and Natalie Citron decided to make the big move to Cayman from the United Kingdom.

Finding somewhere to live was at the top of their priority list after arriving.

“We would always say, ‘Oh, that [Kapok] looks nice and new,’ so we started looking into it,” said Natalie. “We were looking for something new and modern on the Seven Mile Beach corridor.”

Only four short days after viewing a unit, John and Natalie decided to move in.

Kapok opened its doors to residential tenants in January, marking a significant step in Camana Bay's residential offerings as its first 10-storey for-lease apartment building.

“We love it here. It exceeded our expectations. It feels like we’ve been living in Kapok for months, and it’s only been a few weeks. We feel very settled in,” said John.

The two-bedroom unit came fully furnished with floor-to-ceiling windows facing the North Sound. John and Natalie were impressed at how easy and turnkey the move-in process was.

“The bed was made, the plates were there…it was basically just bringing our clothes,” said Natalie.

Kapok’s interior designer, Dana Nauta, said a lot of thought went into designing Kapok.

From the colours on the walls, throw pillows, floating shelves and rugs, she said, “We’re giving residents the opportunity to infuse their own style. We want everyone to be able to personalise the space easily and not really battle with what’s there.”

The lobby was designed to give the same look and peaceful feel as a hotel.

“We know people are going to work and coming home late; we wanted to make sure that in the morning and night, it’s a peaceful place to come home to,” she said.

Dana shares that they started with three main mood boards – traditional, transitional and a playful, warm minimalist approach – the latter being the chosen design.

She says a lot of her inspiration comes from her own aesthetic and experiences; she has lived in many apartments in New York and understands how to make a smaller floor plan feel gracious.

“Kapok came out 100% as planned,” she said. “...[E]verything came along exactly as expected.”

This article was originally featured in the March 2023 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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