Love is in the air at Camana Bay

Bride and groom dancing together

Goo-goo eyes, warming the cockles of someone’s heart, carrying a torch, twitterpated (nothing to do with Elon Musk) – there are hundreds of words or sayings associated with the joy of being in love.

With February known to be the official month of Valentine’s Day (14 Feb.), hearts are full at this time of the year, and not just the ones brimming with chocolates on the supermarket shelves. It is no surprise to learn that Cupid’s favourite date is an extremely popular one for marriage proposals planned by the lovestruck. With one idyllic backdrop after the next to be found in Camana Bay, it is the perfect location for popping the question. The water fountains, towering trees and winding boardwalks are just some of the spots where dropping on one knee will be framed by beautiful natural landscaping.

Speaking of which, if the spirit is willing but the kneecaps are weak, consider steering your loved one in the direction of the Crescent, where soft grass will present a more forgiving platform.

Then there are the many restaurants to be found around the town, where the staff will happily be willing accomplices in a surprise proposal plan. Diamond ring in a glass of Champagne? Special dessert? A pre-arranged musician (did you see Nathan's Faces Around Town interview in this issue?) serenading the newly affianced couple? Check! Check! Check! There is nothing more wonderful than being able to make that moment magical, and the team at Camana Bay possess the wands required.

So, assuming all goes swimmingly, you are now on the road to getting hitched. Where should you hold the nuptials? Well, lovebirds may not know this, but many a couple over the years have celebrated their special day at Camana Bay. The Island is often top of the list; it just lends itself to intimate gatherings, surrounded by the gentle lapping of the Caribbean Sea. The bridge from the mainland is almost purpose-built to act as an extended aisle, allowing guests to see their approach for just that moment longer.

Once the ceremony is done, the party can continue in situ, or move back to the Town Centre, where the sky is the limit when it comes to the reception.

Rhea and Keith Tibbetts certainly knew what they wanted when it came to their celebration…or, rather, Keith did, according to Rhea.

“We [had] our wedding reception at Camana Bay, on the Festival Green,” she revealed. “Being in the special events business [AI Rentals], Keith wanted a venue that hadn't been used before and he said he needed space to ‘create his vision.’ Needless to say, I took a step back and let Groomzilla do his thing.... I ordered the cake [laughs].”

Rhea Tibbetts approached the team at Camana Bay and got the green light to rent the space. In a week, the blank canvas was transformed. A 120-foot by 60-foot air-conditioned tent – with the aid of flooring, chandeliers and a grand entrance – became a dining room with accompanying nightclub.

Talk about unforgettable.

“It was the perfect location for us and wonderful memories made,” Tibbetts said. “Every time we go to Camana Bay for lunch, dinner [and] events, we are fondly reminded of our special day."


This article was originally published in the February 2023 edition of Camana Bay Times.

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