Made in Cayman: Its always tea time in Cayman

Made in Cayman: Its always tea time in Cayman

9 August 2022

"It's always tea time," claimed Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

The duo of Kadi Pentney and Kelli Koutney from Tea Time in Cayman, a purveyor of premium loose leaf tea, would agree.

Though not technically "made" in Cayman – the tea leaves and other ingredients come from all over the world – the product has a deep Cayman connection beyond the two residents of the islands who market it here.

Many of the company's teas reflect the Cayman Islands in some way, including in their names.

"Beloved Isles Cayman" – which adds an "s" to the title of the national anthem so that it includes all three Cayman islands – is a green tea that includes mango, the country's most popular fruit, along with petals from marigold and rose flowers.

The soon to be retired "Cayman Wedding" contains hibiscus flowers, a popular flower grown in the Cayman Islands, while "One 345 Taste of Swanky" pays tribute to the local telephone area code and swanky, the traditional Caymanian drink made with Seville oranges and brown sugar.

"Cayman Romance" is a 100% organic fair-trade-certified Chinese green tea with organic jasmine, another popular flower in the Cayman Islands and the name of one of Camana Bay's courtyards.

The seasonal offerings "Cayman Thanksgiving" and "Christmas in Cayman" offer the traditional flavours of the December holidays on the islands, including cinnamon and ginger.
Tea Time in Cayman also offers "The Proud Caymanian Pack," a sampler pack of eight 25-gram packages that include several of the selections already mentioned and others like "Spice it Up Cayman" and "Cayman Sunrise."

Most of Tea Time markets more than a dozen different selections, most of which are also sold in 50-gram and 100-gram packages in addition to the 25-gram size. The teas are available at numerous retail outlets on Grand Cayman, including Foster's Camana Bay. Prepared cups of the tea can also be purchased at Gelato & Co. in Camana Bay.

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