OLEA wins regional International Property Award for Best Sustainable Development

OLEA wins regional International Property Award for Best Sustainable Development

OLEA — Camana Bay’s first, for-sale residential community and a joint venture between Dart Real Estate and NCB Group — received the five-star award for Best Sustainable Residential Development for the region at the International Property Awards held in 3 October, 2019 in Toronto.

That award secured a spot to compete against other regional development winners from Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, the United Kingdom and the Americas in the “World’s Best” Property Awards hosted on 2 December at the Savoy in London. There, OLEA won the award for the Americas for Best Sustainable Residential Development.

With energy efficiency at the core of its design, local firm TRIO Architecture has created a community that will feature a large solar array and an innovative geothermal cooling system. Additional energy-efficient and sustainable features that contributed to the project’s win include LED lighting; insulating concrete form construction; Water Sense plumbing fixtures; irrigation cistern; electric-car charging stations; environmentally friendly building materials; on-site recycling depots; a community herb and produce garden; and an acre of dedicated green space for the enjoyment of residents.

In addition, the landscaping will include more than 200 specimens of drought-tolerant flora, of which 80% are native to Cayman or the Caribbean.

International Property Awards
The International Property Awards have become a world-renowned mark of excellence. Nominations are open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe. The awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry.

The application process is rigorous and requires a thoughtful presentation that answers numerous questions pertaining to the category that the applicant is entering. Floor plans, elevations, MEP plans, supporting evidence, renderings and in-depth descriptions of every element of the project are all required elements of the application, which must then be presented in a creative, visually appealing and compelling way. OLEA’s application was 30 pages long and highlighted the features that will make the community, which is currently under construction, so sustainable.

The inaugural International Property Awards were presented in 1993 and covered 10 different residential categories. Since then, the programme has grown substantially and now covers over 54 categories in the areas of development, interior design, architecture and real estate.

The International Property Awards rank among the most prestigious commendations in the residential and commercial property industries, and the award winner’s logo is recognised as a symbol of excellence throughout the global industry.

To learn more about OLEA, visit the OLEA Sales & Presentation Centre on Market Street in Camana Bay, or visit camanabay.com/olea.

This article originally appeared in the February 2020 print edition with the headline “OLEA Wins International Property Awards.”

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