Pillow talk: Be a dreamer

Pillow talk: Be a dreamer

Why a good night's sleep is oh-so good.

Getting a restful night’s sleep is one of the best things that a person can do for their mind, body and soul.

There’s no question that adequate sleep is as vital as eating a balanced diet or getting regular exercise. Health professionals identify a multitude of benefits such as better productivity and concentration, greater athletic performance, lowered risk of heart disease and a stronger immune system.

Here are some ways one can try to ensure a good night’s sleep to maintain optimal health:

A nightly ritual can be as simple as acknowledging that the day is over and that it is time to wind down. After the evening meal, carve out time to slow the body down and prepare it for the night’s sleep ahead. Taking a warm bath or shower, reading a few pages of a book or putting items away after the day’s activities — these are all ways that signal to the brain to start decompressing and relaxing. Other bedtime rituals can include meditation, writing in a journal or making a soothing cup of tea.

Making the bedroom a place of comfort and relaxation is imperative to a restful night’s sleep. Though this seems obvious, it is a detail that is often overlooked and can contribute to difficulties in falling asleep and sleeping soundly through the night.

Some good suggestions are minimising distractions such as not having a television in the bedroom, switching off cellphones, avoiding light disruption with the help of blackout curtains or wearing a sleep mask, and introducing pleasant aromas through essential oils that can be calming, such as lavender.

To increase the chances of sleeping well, it is necessary to design a pleasant sleeping environment with the focus of maximising relaxation. A good-quality mattress is instrumental, as well as the right kind of bedding. Sheets and blankets play a big role in helping a bed feel inviting. Bedding that is comfortable to the touch and helps maintain an agreeable temperature during the night is ideal.

It is also worth investing in pillows that have the appropriate density for the way the person sleeps. For instance, the recommendation for back sleepers is a pillow that is either medium or firm and for stomach sleepers, a soft pillow is more conducive to comfort.

Next month’s article will dive deeper into the different pillow varieties in the comfy universe of bedding.

This article originally appeared in the June 2021 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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