PIllow talk: Tips for a Christmasy bedroom

Christmas is a magical time in many places around the world, and here in the Cayman Islands, it's no different.

Retailers, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores and even the roundabouts here are decked out in colourful lights and festive décor. Some families even start decorating their homes as early as the first week of November. It’s not difficult to get into the spirit when surrounded by Christmas cheer.

It’s a given that many households will set up a Christmas tree, and maybe some Christmas stockings and an advent calendar or two. But a growing number of die-hard Christmas fans are going beyond their living room and front yard and spreading their love for the holidays to other parts of their home. Bedrooms are no exception.

Here are some tips on how to “Christmas-ify” your bedroom. Read on and never be called a Grinch again.

a christmas bedroom
Holiday-themed pillows and bedding can bring the Christmas spirit into the bedroom.

This may sound a bit indulgent, but why not put up a small Christmas tree in the bedroom? Even a small tree that sits on a desk or tabletop will add a bit of sparkle and shine. Christmas lights (or fairy lights) strung up around the room will also bring a magical explosion of brightness wherever they are used.

Dress your bed with Christmas inspired colours and accents. There are so many thoughtful details that can be used to jazz up a bed’s appearance and create a festive mood. For instance, a festive themed duvet colour or throw blanket can instantly brighten up the space. Choosing pillow shams and pillowcases in Christmas colours is also a simple way to add cheerful touches. Finally, decorative pillows with Santas, reindeer, snowmen (or any Christmas related theme) are always a jolly feature.

Another easy way of giving your bedroom a holiday vibe is with scented candles with fragrances like smoky fireside, crisp winter cranberry, fresh pine, sweet cinnamon or apple pie. Scented infusers also work well. It’s an effortless and minimal way to cultivate a cosy ambience in your room all winter long.

Last but not least, one of the best Christmas details that can be added to any bedroom are festive pyjamas. Matching Christmas PJs are always a stylish addition to a family photo shoot, perhaps even on the bed. Both parents and kids alike adore this fairly recent Christmas tradition as it promotes a sense of togetherness and lends a sense of closeness to families.

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J.V. Russell is the co-owner of Bedside Manor, a Camana Bay shop that showcases a collection of high-quality bedding, bath and baby brands, as well as unique jewellery, stationery and gifts.

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