Pillow talk: Tips for a silent night on Christmas Eve

Pillow talk: Tips for a silent night on Christmas Eve

By J.V. Russell

20 December 2021

Christmas Eve is one of the most magical evenings of the year, especially for children.

For many parents however, the night before Christmas is one of the most difficult bedtimes to deal with. Yet it is essential that everyone gets some quality sleep so they can fully enjoy all the festivities on Christmas Day without feeling tired or grumpy.

Here are five tips on how to get the little ones off to sleep for a silent night on Christmas Eve.

1) Try to stick to the family’s normal nighttime routine. Christmas Eve traditions may throw the schedule off some, but following a routine as much as possible can help kids settle down more quickly at bedtime.

2) Make sure that the kiddos get enough exercise. Keeping them active throughout the day of Christmas Eve will tire them out and have them sleep-primed in the evening. A beach walk and swim, running around Camana Bay or playing outside are perfect activities to keep them busy.

3) Keep sugar to a minimum. Christmas is the season to indulge in sweet treats and goodies, but try to minimise young children’s intake of sugary foods like cakes, cookies, and candy on Christmas Eve. Instead, encourage them to leave a festive milky drink for Santa (and don’t forget the carrots for the reindeer) — as well as enjoying one themselves. Giving your child a glass of warm milk with a little honey can help with sleep. Milk contains melatonin, a hormone that helps create the urge to nod off — and it also contains the sleep-inducing amino acid, tryptophan.

4) A warm and comforting bath is always a good idea for youngsters — not just on Christmas Eve, but as part of a regular bedtime routine. Add some Epsom salts or a few drops of lavender oil to make it an even more soothing and relaxing experience.

5) Ensure kids get some downtime right before bed. This means turning off all technology and having them get comfortable in their Christmas PJs in bed. Reading them a Christmas-themed book and even playing a gentle rendition of their favourite Christmas song are all calming ways to get them in the mood for the big day ahead.

This article was originally printed in the December 2021 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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J.V. Russell is the co-owner of Bedside Manor, a Camana Bay shop that showcases a collection of high-quality bedding, bath and baby brands, as well as unique jewellery, stationery and gifts.

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