Sparking young minds with intelligent design at Starfish Village

Sparking young minds with intelligent design at Starfish Village

8 March 2017

The building blocks of Cayman architecture are memorialised for generations to come at Starfish Village – a Montessori school and entertainment hub for children aged up to 12 years old.

With an ‘inside-out’ contrast, visitors are in awe when they enter a modern building and are welcomed by traditional Cayman-style interiors inspired by John Doak Architecture and built by AMB Construction Ltd. Here are some fun design facts about Starfish Village that you may not know:

  • There is 5,000 square feet of space overlooking the serene North Sound and Camana Bay Harbour.
  • The classrooms give the appearance of a miniature Cayman town, each having a unique look – from a shop and a church and a house, to a convenience store. They are fitted with verandas, shutters and gingerbread trimmings coloured in pastel blues, pinks and yellows.
  • These classrooms are shaped to fit around a square, known as the Village Square – a place for community gatherings.
  • With 30 square feet, the Village Square is perfectly sized to accommodate large groups for special celebrations, choir singing, stage plays, dances, playground equipment and more.
  • Adjacent to the Village Square there is a screened garden where children plant, grow and harvest fruits and vegetables.
  • There is also a kitchen, which looks like a traditional Cayman ‘cookrum’ complete with a zinc roof, bead-boarded ceiling and shiplap siding on the walls.

Starfish Village opened in September 2014 and, apart from its school offerings, it hosts seasonal camps, after-school clubs, playground time, singalong classes and is a popular venue for birthday parties. For more details, visit

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