Summer interns bond over a bite

For interns working with Camana Bay-based businesses, lunch took on a new meaning this summer.

It was a meal, sure, but it was also part networking event and peer support group.

“Every day we have lunch together,” said Denise Suico, a York University business student who served as PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory & Tax intern.

“I think these connections are really invaluable in a sense that you're all in the same boat, right? We're all interns. We’re all just kind of new at everything. We’re in a new office. We're all students. We ask each other questions; we learn from each other."

She often would grab a bite with other interns within the company or with friends like Kayla Ebanks, an International College of the Cayman Islands student who spent her summer working at Intertrust as junior facilities clerk of the operations department.

“Sharing similar experiences with friends was exciting,” Ebanks said. “We were able to relate to each other about duties at work and help one another. We are all preparing for our future careers so it was encouraging to be around friends who shared similar goals.”

three summer interns sitting on outside wall
PwC's Denise Suico, left, Intertrust's Kayla Ebanks, centre, and EY's James Powell are all friends who interned this summer at Camana Bay-based businesses. They say being able to talk about their experiences helped them get the most out of their respective internships.

Suico, in particular, spent time with both PwC’s liquidations and insolvency team as well as its tax team specialising in funds.

“This summer has been a really amazing experience, really exceptional,” she said. “One thing that I really appreciate is that even though my team members are really busy, they always take the time to walk me through and explain the processes and tasks to me so I get a better understanding of how my work contributes to the bigger picture.

“This makes you feel super valued and it makes your work feel purposeful.”

As she returns to school this fall, she expects the lessons she learned to serve her throughout the rest of her career. The bonds made over lunch, she said, will be beneficial as this group of green interns eventually work alongside each other as full-time staff.

This article will also be featured in the September/October 2022 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

fashion intern
Gabbi Campbell, Sand Angels intern

An intern learns the fashion ropes in Camana Bay

Sand Angels owners Catherine and Ian Dawson-James also hired intern Gabbi Campbell to work at one of their Camana Bay fashion shops, Sand Angels, over the summer. Gabbi will be embarking on a fashion styling study programme in London, England this fall.

"Gabbi has been amazing over the summer - she loves fashion and now has retail experience and customer service skills," Ian Dawson-James said. "She has used her flair for fashion in our boutiques this summer to learn more about merchandising, modelling and social media."

Gabbi agrees on the value of the internship for her upcoming studies and personal interests. "Working within the Sand Angels group of stores has helped me gain more insights into how fashion affects people from all walks of life. This is invaluable, especially as I am about to begin my Bachelor's degree in fashion styling."

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