The future of Camana Bay

The future of Camana Bay

2 October 2017

In the latest in Grand Cayman real estate news, Dart Real Estate, developer of Camana Bay, recently announced they had submitted an application to the Department of Planning for permission to build a supermarket at the northern end of Camana Bay.

The supermarket will be leased by Foster’s Food Fair, which will already be familiar to those who live, work and visit Camana Bay as the company owns Bay Market, a popular eatery in the town. In addition to constructing a supermarket, a four-level parking structure would be built alongside it to enable approximately 325 cars to conveniently park next to the supermarket for ease of grocery shopping and running errands.

In a town where life blossoms, growth is necessary to continue meeting the needs of the 130+ people who live here, 1,700+ people who work here and over 110,000 people who visit the Town Centre every month. Always thoughtful in design (click here for some unique design facts you might not have known about Camana Bay!), the Town Centre is ‘blossoming’ in a beautiful and functional way. Whether it’s opening Camana Bay’s newest commercial building last January, 18 Forum Lane – the first LEED Gold-certified commercial building in the Cayman Islands – or welcoming new shops, restaurants and services every year (such as the recently opened Pani Indian Kitchen,) or planning a new 60,000-square-foot supermarket, the designers behind Camana Bay are always considering our visitors’ needs when planning the next step.

In the weekly series, Cayman Shorts, host Tammi Sulliman met with design and development manager Rick Aspin, who showcased the 3D model of the 675 acres of Camana Bay that the architectural and design teams use when plotting out the future of the town.

As Camana Bay celebrates 10 years since it opened its doors, it is helpful to look back to truly realise how far the development has come. From ground breaking in 2005 (after years of master planning) to Cayman International School opening in September 2006 to the first offices moving in in November 2007, the Town Centre is now home to 15 cafes, eateries and restaurants, 40 locally owned shops and boutiques and 45 companies.

With hopeful additions such as the new Foster’s Food Fair supermarket, the future of Camana Bay is looking just as bright as the past 10 years have been. Foster’s IGA Managing Director Woody Foster says he has only high hopes for the next step. “We have enjoyed great success with our Bay Market location at Camana Bay and we are excited to open a new supermarket where there is more space for shoppers. This allows us to offer an enhanced experience with more brand variety gourmet goods and speciality items, as well as our core offerings for our loyal customers, who can count on us to deliver quality products at affordable prices with excellent service,” said Mr. Foster.

For more on the happenings in Camana Bay, including our 10-year celebration on Thursday, 9 November, click here.


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