The Healthy Maven: What to do in Grand Cayman travel guide

The Healthy Maven: What to do in Grand Cayman travel guide

19 January 2018

Visiting Grand Cayman for the first time? This is my full travel guide on what to do in Grand Cayman along with the best restaurants, workouts and wellness tips for your next trip!

A couple of months ago I received a once-in-a-lifetime email from Camana Bay inviting me down to the Cayman Islands to experience the Grand Cayman wellness scene (and beyond!) and report back on my discoveries. I, of course jumped at the opportunity, but if I’m being totally honest I was kind of expecting your typical Caribbean beach vacation. What I got in return was SO much more.

I’ve been to the Caribbean a couple of times, and while I certainly can’t complain about the gorgeous blue water and white-sand beaches, I never really considered any of them to be “bucket-list destinations”. Though each offers its own culture and unique attitude, in many ways you could place the all-inclusive resort vibe on just about any remote island and get the same experience. While I enjoyed my trips, I didn’t find myself yearning to return to any of them. For the record, I’ve been to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and The Bahamas.

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