Time to ring in the New Year

By Lesli Tathum

19 December 2022

Couple kiss in front of fireworks
New Year's Eve 2018 provided fireworks in more ways than one for Jason Smith and Karis Docen.

"It was just perfect. I wasn't expecting it all. I was so surprised," said Karis Smith, whose husband, Jason Smith, proposed at Camana Bay.

Out shopping with his mother, Smith stumbled onto an engagement ring by chance.

"I think my mom mentioned rings to the guy in the shop, and he called me over for 'future reference,'" Smith said.

To Jason’s surprise, he was drawn to a ring, yet he was unsure whether or not to put down a deposit. There was one thing he was sure of and that was that he wanted to marry Karis. One short week later, he returned and left with the ring. The next step was to start planning the big moment.

"I didn't want it to just be any old proposal. I was trying to figure out where and how, and in a way I hadn't seen done before," Smith said.

Man proposes to woman in a heart made of candles

He decided to propose on New Year's Eve, just moments before the final countdown into 2019. The couple went to watch the Camana Bay fireworks with their friends and family. In search of the best possible spot to watch the fireworks, Smith recommended the Island as the prime location. Hesitant to go, Karis questioned whether they were allowed because it looked like it was already occupied for a special event.

"Little did she know it was for her," Smith said.

The trees were decorated and there was a giant heart made of candles.

"She was completely oblivious at this point. She even tried to step sideways around the candles," Smith said.

Perfectly timed as the fireworks began to decorate the night sky, Smith got down on one knee and Karis quickly realised what was happening.

"I said yes and the rest is history," she said. "It was perfect."

Woman looks down at engagement ring

Now looking back at his proposal, Smith said that it all went according to plan and is grateful for the opportunity to do it in a place they both love.

"The ambience and privacy of Camana Bay made it the perfect place to share this special moment. I wanted our young daughter to be there, and if it were in a more formal place, it would've made things more difficult. For us, Camana Bay feels like home, and I just knew Karis would be most comfortable with it happening there."

This article will also appear in the December/January print edition of Camana Bay Times.


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