Trip Reporter: Insider guide to Grand Cayman

Trip Reporter: Insider guide to Grand Cayman

By Andy Mossack

12 December 2019

One of the westernmost Caribbean islands, Grand Cayman enjoys a festival almost every month. Andy Mossack drops in during Culinary Month.

It’s early evening and I’m perched at the chef’s counter at the Kimpton Seafire Resort’s Avecita Restaurant facing a very red gazpacho. It’s the opening shot of a very impressive Spanish-inspired five-course tasting menu, with wine pairings, that takes place each night for a select group of diners. Said gazpacho, with goat’s cheese, beets and red berries for company, is paired with a cava cocktail duly entitled Scarlet Tanager, which is, so I’m told by Richard my all-knowing countertop server, a crimson-feathered bird. A bullseye all round it seems.

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