What's new, what's fun: July/August 2022

Lazy susan


When pondering a lazy Susan, one might ask, "Who was Susan?" and "Just how lazy does one have to be to get a hospitality device named after you?" The reason this device calls out Susan for her indolent behaviour remains a myth wrapped in mystery and covered with rumours. It's safe to say, however, that whoever Susan was, she was perceived as lazy by the inventor of the lazy Susan. It's also safe to say that the lazy Susan is one handy table accessory, particularly for those who are — how shall we say this? — exertion averse. But beyond the enigmatic name, the lazy Susan is a great invention. There is no good reason every household shouldn't have one as it can be used to serve cheese and charcuterie, for picnics and as a seasoning and condiment tray. The Toscana LAZY SUSAN 360⁰ Rotating Tray, available at Next Chapter, is 18 inches in diameter and has a chalkboard rim for labelling items so that your guests can differentiate the jamón Ibérico from the jamón Serrano or the bresaola from the capicola. Made from attractive acacia wood, this lazy Susan rotates in full circles to serve everyone at the table, no matter their inclination for activity.

JBL speaker


Sound systems have steadily become smaller over the past 50 years, going from taking up entire walls of living rooms to cordless devices that fit in your hand. Small hasn't always meant convenient, though, because most small speakers are somewhat fragile and require mounting or placement on a hard, flat surface. JBL decided to address this convenience challenge by creating the ultra-portable CLIP 4 Bluetooth speaker. This rugged and water-resistant speaker — which is available at Cayman MAC Store — has big sound for its size and will play for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Its fully integrated carabiner clips to clothes, belt loops, backpacks or purses, or can be hooked on almost anything with a protrusion, making it perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Dog tunnel


Even though there is no song that confirms this, dogs just want to have fun. Well, as anyone who has lived with a dog knows, dogs just want to eat and sleep, too, but having fun is definitely on their top-three "must-do daily" lists. Luckily, dogs have a seemingly innate sense of how to have fun, and if they aren't given better options, they're apt to find fun in tearing apart a seat cushion or feather pillow, unrolling a roll of toilet paper throughout the house or taking someone's shoe and using it as a chew toy. There are better, less destructive options for fun for your dogs, including the PLAY dog tunnel available at Must Love Dogs. This collapsible tunnel pops up or folds up in seconds and is great for agility training or outdoor play. Made with heavy-duty mesh, fabric and wire, this rugged dog tunnel is built to give dog-years of fun to your canine friends.

aromatic diffuser


If you're into fragrances — or know someone who is — then run on over to Ame in Camana Bay and buy something from the shop's new LINNEA line of products. Whether you try the natural soy wax candles, the diffusers or the hand-and-body soaps or lotions, what will stand out is the quality for the fragrance. These aren't your common "strawberry patch" or "honeysuckle breeze" fragrances that dissipate in minutes, but interesting aromas like "Cashmere" or "Persian Lime" that linger like a good memory and can seemingly transport you, and your home, to faraway places. These home fragrances are hand poured in small batches, which produces a highly fragrant end product with aromatic staying power.

This article was originally published in the July/August 2022 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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