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dog play tent


Easter is coming up and in the Cayman Islands, that means people head to the beaches — or their backyards — and set up tents for camping. Must Love Dogs now sells a product that allows your four-legged, furry friend (or friends!) to join in on the long-time Caymanian tradition. P.L.A.Y. — which stands for Pet Lifestyle And You — outdoor tents are easy to set up (and take down) and form a cosy hideaway and sunshade for your dog. Made of lightweight, durable, high-performance, waterproof fabric, this tent is made to last for dog years. It's also great for travelling and for indoor training use for those who prefer not to use a crate or cage. Think of it as a pup tent for dogs ... even after they're no longer pups.


While there can be debate on which wine bottle corkscrew is the best, when it comes to which is the easiest to use, the vertical lever corkscrew leaves the competition on the grapevine. You simply place it over the bottle with the lever up, push the lever down so that the metal screw slides into the cork and then pull the lever back up. The "True" lever corkscrew available at Next Chapter has a concave base that fits snugly against the bottle neck, ensuring that the metal screw point is centred over the cork every time. Corks come out effortlessly and intact in just a few seconds.

brown diffuser


Walking through the doors of Spa at Seafire at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa or the la prairie spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, one of the first things you'll notice is the aroma. Whether it's fruity, floral or minty, that aroma immediately tells your brain: It's time to relax. Quite often, these aromas are dispersed into the spa environment with essential oil diffusers, one of the many ways to dispense aromatherapy, an alternative medicine therapy that dates back thousands of years. Depending on the essential oil used, aromatherapy is said to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, ease the pain of headaches and migraines and boost immunity — among many other possible benefits. The Plant Therapy TerraFuse Deluxe Diffuser, sold at Silhouette, has a natural stone appearance that will add to any décor. Its large, 7-ounce water reservoir can operate for eight continuous hours. With five timer settings and ultrasonic technology, this diffuser will allow you to quickly fill a room of up to 430 square feet with aromatic mist. And yes; Silhouette also sells the highly rated Plant Therapy essential oils as well.


There are fancy ways to drink most adult beverages. There are wine glasses of many shapes and sizes, crystal-cut rock glasses and highball glasses, and even distinctive glasses for different kinds of beer. Shot glasses, however, being the smallest of the bunch, have trouble standing out. Until now. The nine-piece Ultimate Host Bucket set by Brouk & Co., available at Bedside Manor, is the fancy way to serve shots. This stainless steel ice bucket keeps the beverage of your choice chilled and the shot glasses — which are included — lined up and ready to go.

unique shot glass set
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