What's New What's Fun: May/June 2022

9 May 2022

A look at what's fun, fresh and fashionable

With email and text messaging services, the ubiquitous forms of interpersonal written communication these days, receiving a handwritten card is now more special than it has been for a long time. For those looking for cards that reflect an authentic aspect of the Cayman Islands, the fauna cards sold at 3 Girls & A Kiln are a great way to go. Created by Deborah Kern, one of the artists that make up the "three girls," the fronts of the cards depict various forms of Cayman's unique fauna both above water — parrots, agoutis and red-footed booby birds — and below water — turtles, parrotfish, stingrays and lionfish — all drawn in their natural colours. The insides of the cards are blank, allowing you to express authentic aspects of you.

stingray card

Naming your product "Supergoop!" means one of two things: You're either crazy or you have the utmost confidence in your product. The folks at Supergoop! fall into the latter category. Supergoop! products, which are available at Amé, are perhaps the healthiest sunscreens available. They're healthy for your skin, healthy for reefs and healthy for the ozone. Its spray bottles use a unique bag-on-valve technology powered by air, which makes them free of chemical propellants and allows the spray to work from all angles — even upside down. Supergoop's mission was never just about sunscreen, at least not about the kind of gloopy and sticky sunscreen most people felt obliged to wear, but didn't really want to. It uses only reef-friendly, cruelty-free and "clean" ingredients and says "no" to more than 1,600 harmful ingredients including oxybenzone, octinoxate, parabens, anatase titanium dioxide, benzene and petrochemicals. This isn't just sunscreen for the sea and sand; it's sunscreen for every day.

supergoop sunscreen

Designer handbags are expensive. Counterfeit handbags are illegal. Companies that create handbags that have a similar but different look from designer favourites and then sell them at affordable prices are smart. BC Handbags is one such company. The company's goal is to produce chic and affordable handbags that have both fashion and practicality in mind. Its bags are made from a variety of quality materials. A great-looking bag for CI$45? Chances are they won't last long at Red's Emporium in Camana Bay.


The Nee Doh Dohzee has needs. "Cush Me, Catch Me, Hug Me, Toss Me," its box says on one side. "Cuddle Me, Feel Me, Groove Me, Sit on Me," it says on another side. The squishy toy, which is filled with a mysterious gel-like microbead substance, is about the size of a volleyball. It comes in blue, purple and bright pink, and it demands attention — "Comfort Me, Mellow Me, Pamper Me, Soothe Me." Just one squeeze of its divine squishiness will, according to its product description, "turn your mood mellow and set you drifting to a cosmic comfort." The question isn't "What do you do with a Doh Dohzee?"; it's "What don't you do with Doh Dohzee?" Available at Next Chapter.

NeeDoh toy

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